Publish Academy Membership – A Creation by Anik Singal

Publish Academy - Current Closed for New Enrollments**Publish Academy presently closed for new enrolments**

Anik Singal’s product named PUBLISH ACADEMY had 2 different membership levels:

  • GOLD, and

While the content was the same, PLATINUM members had access to some great bonuses that the GOLD members don’t (you can check out the different bonuses for each level of membership at this page.)

The price points are as follows:

GOLD: 1 payment of $797
PLATINUM: 1 payment of $1,997 or 3 monthly payments of $797

***Please note – Publish Academy is currently closed for new enrollments.

Anik has launched a digital blueprint named Inbox Blueprint which helps you learn how to build your own multi-million business in just 60 minutes.

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