Inbox Blueprint Login

If you haven’t received your membership login username and password, then head over to, and click on “forgot password”.

You will then receive an email on your registered email address with the reset link. Click on it and type your new password.

P.S. – If you do not receive an email within 10-20 minutes, email You may have perhaps entered an incorrect email address or the lurn system did not create your account.

The team will assist you in that case.

For the members who registered back in 2014, you will have to login at the same URL Email lurn support to send you the new password.

Make sure you have signed-up for the membership access. If did not, register here.

How to access the software?

Once you sign-up (pay), you will be sent an instant access to the members’ area. Login, and then go here to access the software directly.

Make sure you watch the software related tutorials/videos to create your campaigns.

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