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  1. Anik,
    I need help with a charity product I have created. It is a set of three books and we want all its proceeds to got to Room to Read to educate girl children. Our sales through the usual Amazon channels are woeful. We need technical support. I am sure you can make a decent amount from this project as this is not a one-time thing. These books can be sold forever and generate a steady income for the organization. This is an excellent opportunity to help thousands of needy girl children and Anik, you can make a difference in their lives and it will turn bring you more contacts and money. Please help us. We need you. We have not one but two very beautiful free gifts ready and a website with 7000 hits and some 300 subscribers…and all this since 14 Feb. We need a squeeze page and connect all of this with Room to Read. I am alone building this is up slowly and I need some support now. I wrote to another mail and received a reply from Marisha. I am writing again, to remind you, how much we would appreciate a little support from Lurn.

    1. Hi Jaya, appreciate you for writing to me. I would advise that you contact Lurn support team directly for your concern. Also, I am sure Anik will get back to you soon (he might be in the middle of another launch at the moment).

  2. Hey Nisha, I have been watching the webinar where Anik explains the whole thing. One thing still escapes me is,
    1. when and how does one create an email list, is it paid or free?
    2. Will there be online support if I have issues when I begin to use the package?
    3. What happens as a beginner I send out incorrect emails, wherein probably the free report link remains excluded, or some other goof up?
    4. After I have say an email list of 1000, and I have sent these people emails, some have probably been converted, how does the business multiply within the same email database?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Naushir, answering your questions:

      1. There are several ways to build an email list. However, Anik has mentioned about solo ads traffic which helps build a list faster. With solo ads, you are required to buy clicks, which is the traffic. The opt-in rate, in this case, is higher.

      2. Absolutely! If you buy through my link on this website, then I will personally provide you the support you may need to proceed smoothly. Else, you can have to contact inbox blueprint support team (though I am happy to help :)).

      3. I am sure that after going through the course modules, you will send the correct emails. However, if it goes wrong, you can always email your subscribers again.

      4. Most of the times, the subscribers who buy through your recommendation are expected to follow your more offers. However, every subscriber is in look for a particular offer and you never know who would convert for what offer.

      I hope this helps. Should you have any more questions, feel free to write back 🙂

  3. This feels amazing now. Planning to take up the course. However, will this course teach me how could I go about promoting my blog? I have a multi-niche blog and look forward to creating e-mail campaigns. Is this course suitable for bloggers?

    Should I be ready with an email list or will the course tell me how to go about it right from the start?

    1. Hello Preirna, you will learn about several traffic generation strategies in the course modules. Though the training has not specifically been built keeping bloggers in mind, you will DEFINITELY learn how to build an email list from scratch. It is completely newbie friendly. Also, you don’t need any list prior to the training, you do as you move with the lessons 🙂

  4. Hi Nisha! Sounds good. I actually have a YouTube channel and it is only a month old. Can you tell me whether this program can be of help to my channel? Is it possible to start earning through this program?

    1. Hello Vinita, of course, you can. Email marketing works for all type of businesses and online strategies. You can add a subscription button to all your videos and take the visitors to a landing page to opt-in. So, apart from the channel subscriptions, you will also have actual email subscribers to who you can send emails.

      As far as earning is concerned, I am making enough every month with the inbox blueprint method and so should you. However, there are no guarantees that stand here.

    1. Of course, you can Halima 🙂 Inbox Blueprint method works for the worldwide audience. However, you will not be allowed to sign-up as an affiliate at Clickbank. For that, you can become an affiliate at CJ.com, Linkshare.com, and other private offers.

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